Operation Freedom Ride Inc.

Fill The Van!

We aim to help support underfunded rescues and shelters get desperately needed items using our own funds and through collecting donations.

Franklin County Animal Control - Winchester, TN

"We would like to Thank Operation Freedom Ride for such an amazing day with so many donations that our pups and kitties will be happy and warm for months to come. With your generous donation of extra pens we will have the extra space needed to give our dogs and cats a second chance at life. All of dogs now are no longer sleeping on the cold cement. They all have new beds that lift them off the cold cement floor. They all now have warm blankets to lie on or lay under if they choose. We have been using the wormer to keep our animals health. Thank you just doesn’t seem to be a big enough word to express our gratitude. Just know you have made a difference in the animal lives her at Franklin County Animal Control, Winchester, TN"

Coffee County Animal Shelter - Manchester, TN

Two vans full of donations made their way to Coffee County Animal Shelter. This shelter has gone without AC in the South so we bought them industrial fans to keep the dogs cool, lots of food, toys and blankets!

Claxton Animal Shelter - Claxton, Georgia

"Avery I just wanted to let you know I shared with our Mayor and other council members at our regular meeting this past Monday the good works and all the supplies that Operation Freedom Ride sent to the Claxton Animal Shelter in Georgia. The generosity of people is very humbling and we thank you for choosing our shelter. I know the shelter had received over 200 packages of everything from food, tarps, toys, treats, flea meds, dewormer etc. We would have never been able to purchase these items. That is the truth. We are grateful and very impressed. Thank you all!"

Habitat for Cats - Rochester, NY

"We want to give a HUGE thank you and shout out to Operation Freedom Ride for their awesome support to Habitat for Cats! They chose us as their recent recipient to their "Fill the Van" campaign. We received very much needed cat food, litter, toys and SO much more! This will all go right to good use and is very much appreciated! Thank you!!! #teamwork"