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What Past Adopters Have To Say!

We adopted Maverick (formerly Jerry) from OFR and it was such a great experience! Once we submitted our application we were immediately called by our adoption coordinator who got to know us and help determine which dog would help complete our family. The process was fast and easy, once we arrived to the fosters house and fell in love we were able to take our puppy home that day. OFR stayed in contact throughout the process and we are now members of the alumni group to keep updates on Maverick and all his fellow friends over a year later!

We had a great adoption experience with Operation Freedom Ride. We’ve adopted 3 rescues, but this is the first time we dealt with OFR. Everyone we dealt with was very friendly and helpful. They were thorough in the process and we got a great girl! Thank you! -

We got our sweet girl, Kira Mae, in February of 2019. We applied for Kira (formerly Shirley) through the website on a Tuesday and had her home with us by Thursday night. The adoption process was easy and smooth, and the staff was courteous and friendly. They were just as excited for Kira to find her furever home as we were. The fees were reasonable and the adoption process was thorough but not tedious. When we got her we could tell she had been well cared for in her foster home. We would highly recommend OFR to friends and family.

I adopted Myka in July of 2019. When I initially reached out about fostering to adopt her, I had many questions, on the process, what to expect etc. All of my questions were answered in a timely manor, and answered fully. The team at Operation Freedom Ride was great to work with! The day of the transport, the team was very organized checking everyone in and determining if they were a foster, or foster to adopt. My overall experience with Operation Freedom Ride was great. Even after taking Myka home Kayla was there to answer any questions I had! I would recommend Operation Freedom Ride to anyone looking to adopt a new four legged family member!

Operation Freedom Ride helped me rescue my first dog and cat. The adoption process is adapted based on your individual needs and living situation. The result is a perfect fit for you! Thanks to Operation Freedom Ride, I got to rescue my dog, Bones, from a high kill shelter. Since being rescued, Bones has learned many new tricks, he has learned what snuggles and warm blankets feel like, and he has gone on many adventures with his forever family! My cat, Mochi, went from being shy and scared to a sweet and friendly lap cat. She loves to play and snuggle with her big dog brother, sit on her window seat, and play with her ever growing pile of toys. I am forever grateful to Operation Freedom Ride for helping me cross paths with my best friends.

My husband and I decided the time what right for our family to adopt a dog- but didn't know where to start. Friends of ours foster dogs through OFR and we really liked what we heard about the organization. The application and interview process was simple and everyone we met along the way was professional and friendly. We finally received a call on a Friday night that a dog we were interested in was available and we scheduled the meet and greet. Of course, we fell in love with the dog and were able to take him home the next day. Never having a dog before, we were very inexperienced, so having the FB Messenger group including the foster mom, vet, adoption and behavior coordinator was truly an amazing support system (and still is!). Huge Shout Out to Katie, Maggie, Kris and Danielle!!!! We couldn't have done it without them!!! We honestly don't have enough great things to say about OFR and highly recommend this organization! There are so many cats and dogs that need furever homes and are so glad we chose this organization!

We had an amazing experience with OFR. We adopted our dog Coffee Bean from them 2 years ago and have loved every second we have had with our girl. OFR made the process simple and exciting. They matched us up with a dog that was perfect for our lifestyle and personalities. I recommend OFR to anyone looking to adopt! They are a fantastic rescue organization and I am proud to say we got our dog from them.

It has been a pleasure working with you to find our new friend "Joey". We were very impressed with the adoption procedure. It was easy to apply, and the response to our application was made in a timely fashion. Everyone we dealt with, including the foster "parents" was friendly and eager to assist us. All of our questions were answered immediately. Operation Freedom Ride is to be congratulated for its fine work and professionalism. Joey is a treasure, he has provided us so much joy. Every day we have him is a blessing. Thank you so much for helping us find him.

After many years of saying I would never get another dog I finally decided to consider doing so. I contacted OFR and signed up to adopt a new pet. After viewing many of the fine rescue pets I came across a little beagle pup at the time called Billie/Bull. To say I fell in love at first site would be mild. I was pleased to be able to do the meet and greet and he came and jumped into my arms. A match made in heaven. Though I changed his name to Max OFR kept their commitment for his neuter and chip. As I look back it is very true I and OFR rescued Max but I'm quite sure he rescued me.

OFR connected us with a pup who truly completes and uplifts our family. The incredible OFR team was attentive to our needs and wants in a pet, and within a few weeks we welcomed our beloved new best friend into our hearts and our home. We can’t thank OFR enough for bringing him into our lives!

Our experience with Operation Freedom Ride was awesome. From the adoption paperwork process to meeting our pup at the foster and even the process of getting him neutered. You guys were all amazing! We tell anyone who is thinking about getting a pet to go through you and the team. We’ll always keep you at the top of the list when we’re looking for our next family member.

I have adopted two dogs through Operation Freedom Ride and found the adoption process in both instances smooth and professional and the fosters with whom I worked wonderful, caring people. I have no hesitation in recommending this organization wholeheartedly.

I'm happy to recommend Operation Freedom ride to anyone looking to adopt a dog (or cat)! The application process was quick & easy, with us being approved within 2 days. Our adoption coordinator was wonderful to work with - she understood exactly what we were looking for & offered some options of dogs that were immediately available, some that would be coming in on an upcoming transport, and also offered to search shelters for us. We had excellent communication throughout the entire process - from the application, to arranging a meet & greet with the puppies we were interested in, all the way through the adoption day & then afterwards, with scheduling the appointment for neutering. OFR has also put us in touch with Louie's litter mates & mom, so we can compare notes & arrange playdates. Thank you so much Operation Freedom Ride for bringing Louie into our lives, and for everything you do to help all the dogs & cats needing homes! We will definitely be contacting you again when we're ready to adopt a sibling for Louie!

We adopted our puppy in 2019. She was from Mama Betty’s litter. The adoption process was awesome. Starting off with the interview, then choosing our puppy at the fosters house. A few weeks later we picked her up with medical records and food. OFR called and set up her spaying visit. Even that experience was great. Since then we have a Facebook page for mama and her pups to communicate. We have loved the experience. We have told others to consider going through OFR.

OFR connected me to the love of my life. My husband and I adopted Lily from a rescued momma named Luna. The screening process was quick and easy. We loved the opportunity to meet with the foster to see all the puppies and actually meet and play with Luna as well. The foster couple started a Facebook group so now we are able to keep in touch Lily’s brothers and sisters. This is something I’ve never been able to do with past dogs and I love it so much. I recommend OFR to anyone looking for a new best furry companion.

Two years ago we started our partnership with OFR as fosters. Our first fosters were Jack and Ace -2 black lab puppies. They were found on the side of the road in Georgia. When they arrived they were terrified. Ace hid under our grill cover most of the first day. After a few days together the boys started to settle in. At the first adoption event we went to, Jack was adopted and Ace was pretty nervous and stayed with me most of the time. That’s when we decided to adopt Ace. He will be 2 this month. He still has a little anxiety, but he loves our family. He goes to work with us occasionally and does great. He loves our son Gabriel. He always sleeps with him and overall is just a huge love bug. He is our shadow and always wants to be with us wherever we are in the house. Ace loves when we foster other dogs, although he is sad when they leave us. I couldn’t imagine our life without our little guy. He is the most loving dog we have ever had. He loves car rides, Saturday morning family breakfasts (he loves eggs!) and going with us whenever he can.

Adopting through Operation Freedom Ride was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in my life. They are a truly great origination who care so much about animals and I’m so happy that I adopted my dog through them. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to adopt a dog or cat and I just can’t say enough good things about them and their fosters. Thank you OFR for giving me my best friend!

We are so truly thankful to the amazing folks at Operation Freedom Ride for bringing Eliza into our lives. Our OFR experience from the onset was a wonderful! The application andapproval process was seamless. They really took their time to match us with exactly what we were looking for. The day we met our pup we went to the fosters home for a meet up where she and seven other six-week old sibling were waiting to meet their forever families. They were rescued along with 55 other dogs by the volunteers of OFR from a high-kill shelter in the south Eliza and her siblings were known as the Hamilton Group. Their fosters even set up a Facebook page after all were adopted so that we could all stay in touch, share photos, and watch them grow. Operation Freedom Ride even helped us to have Eliza spayed and chipped. It takes such special people to devote them selves to saving these beautiful creatures. We have had pure bread dogs in the past, however none have been as intelligent or has loving as our Eliza is and we thank Operation Freedom Ride for everything they did to bring her into our lives.

I adopted little miss Bella Boo from your organization. The adoption process was easy and the rewards were so great! I am in love with this little girl. Thank you for bringing her into our lives.

OFR is an amazing rescue! The process from beginning to adoption was so easy! Fill out the application, and once you are assigned an adoption coordinator the process is exciting. Every person I have been in contact with has been so helpful and knowledgeable with the process: before ,during, and even after while waiting for my new gal pal Olive to be spayed. Please, adopt from OFR. You will NOT regret your decision.

I couldn't be happier with my experience in adopting Lola from OFR. Right from inquiring about available dogs, speaking to adoption coordinators, all the way to meeting the foster family it was an extremely smooth process. Having adopted many rescue dogs in my life as well as being a retired vet assistant, I felt that everyone at OFR was focused solely on matching the right dog to the right adopter even with all the special circumstances that the pandemic created.We are thrilled with our crazy Lola girl!

I adopted a beautiful dog Chewy formerly Cain from operation freedom ride. The adoption process was very easy and the people were very friendly and helpful through the whole process. They made sure to cover every base to ensure that my 2 cats I already had and the fur baby I was adopting were all comfortable and in good care. Anytime I see someone looking for a dog or cat, I always refer them to Operation freedom ride! I couldn't think of a better organization to adopt from!! The care they give these loving animals is amazing and I appreciate the dedication and determination for giving these loving babies another chance at a wonderful life finding their forever home!!

We reached out to OFR about our wish to adopt a second dog over summer 2020. We closely followed the dogs being brought in on transports and felt like the adoption process (using the Facebook group and pre-screened applicants) was so well-organized and clear. When we were selected to meet the dog we were matched with (Hadley, now Clover), we drove up to Rochester from Buffalo. We were met by foster parents who had clearly taken the time to earn everything they could about her personality, likes, dislikes, and needs. We were told about the progress she had already made and some behaviors that she might still need help with. We were given time to interact with her and ask questions. Even though we were excitedly nervous, we brought Clover home with us that day. Seven months later and she has absolutely bloomed. We always say that rescue mixes are the healthiest snd happiest dogs (but we might be biased). When she came off of the truck, she had her tail tucked far between her legs and didn’t make any eye contact at all. She was scared, dusty, and a little chunky. She was a nervous wreck for weeks. Now, Clover is healthy, shiny, goofy, silly, wiggly, smart, and cuddly. We still can’t believe she’s the same animal we met in August.We would recommend OFR to any one of our friends or family who are looking to rescue. We had such an amazing experience and we’re so thankful for the hard work that goes into bringing these babies up to their forever homes.

Watching the actual transport live-streaming from down south to traveling up north was an awesome sight to see! The steps OFR has taken were so kind and loving knowing that our pup was fostered and had a moment to decompress was great. Being able to ask our care coordinator questions was easy and honest with swift responses. Our meet n greet went well with lots of puppy kisses. I would totally recommend to anyone looking to rescue to check out Operation Freedom Ride.

Serena, now named Rubi, is my dog, she is not perfect, but I work with her everyday, she has issues with other dogs, but considering how she started off in life, we'll work through it, otherwise, she is a great addition to our family, she gets along with our cat and cuddles with me, every chance she gets, I adopted her, but the people at Ofr rescued her, they deserve the praise, she was in a crappy situation, and they saved her, and for that, I'll be eternally grateful.

My experience with OFR was exceptional! I found Juliet (formerly Honey) via their Facebook page and submitted my application. I was contacted within a few days, and was able to arrange a meet and greet with her foster parents. This was great because we weren't sure that my parents' dog was going to get along with our potential new addition. It gave us the opportunity to get the dogs together and learn more about Juliet. It was a very great experience for me (and for Juliet too!). If you're interested in adopting through OFR don't hesitate!

Our adoption process went very smooth and we were able to get a puppy that fits great for our family’s active lifestyle. Thanks so much for all your help with everything through the entire process.

My adoption experience with OFR was wonderful. Everyone was so helpful and professional. And the foster parents were amazing, caring, supportive and flexible in terms of timing, etc. I highly recommend adopting from OFR. I love my adopted dog!

I was recommended OFR by a friend in 2019. looking for a dog to fit into a house with a cat and a high-energy child, in my eyes was going to be challenging. I was amazed by the compassion and thoughtfulness they put into finding the right fit. We adopted our Georgia (Rose) in March 2019 and she was the best! Georgia is the best social dog and I thought it might be time to add another addition to our family. Never having 2 dogs before I was nervous but confident in OFR. They again found another perfect fit. Harper was adopted by our family in January 2021. Georgia and Harper are the best of friends. I really value and appreciate what this organization does. Thank You.

In 2020 I was ready for a dog again. Friends of mine pointed me towards your organization. As I learned more I felt you were doing wonderful work, and I trusted OFR to have the pets best interests in mind. I applied and two of my friends wrote letters of recommendation for me as a good pet parent. Within two weeks I saw the photo and report about “Riley” the big black coonhound. She looked so sweet, but sad. I set up a meeting. Her volunteer evaluating Mom and Dad were terrific. They spent time with me, as I got to observe my new family member. I renamed her Maude and she was now in her forever home with me and two cats. Maude slept for most of the next couple months. She’d been through some trauma, so we just gave her space and all the love she wanted. After 8 months she is out of her shell. She is a tail wagging, hopping happy girl. She gets an oatmeal bath and a pedicure each month. She and the cats, Nelly and Quinn, are three peas in a pod. She lets me know every day how happy she is to be here. I couldn’t be happier. We are very lucky.

Our adoption process with OFR was absolutely wonderful! They were super good about communication, everyone there is really nice, and they found literally the PERFECT dog for us after we became pre-approved for adopting. We could not have imagined a better dog, nor a better rescue to get him from.

Adopting our foster through Operation Freedom Ride Inc. was an easy and well organized experience. The amazing adoption coordinators and the support from the rest of the team made our adoption process a wonderful and happy event for our family. We love and support OFR all the way! Thank you for bringing “Lucky” into our lives, we can't imagine a moment without him! -

I began following OFR via Facebook and found them to be a wonderful rescue with the best of intentions of helping neighboring rescues. Shortly after, my husband and I became fosters to experience a little diversity in the breeds of dogs/puppies we were used to providing love and care for. After fostering a few amazing dogs who found beautiful homes we were asked if we would be interested in taking on a heeler puppy in the next coming transport. Knowing that we already have a heeler and that I was looking to add a red girl to our pack we happily said yes! Well, it didn’t take long for us to become a foster fail and make it official to keep our little Paisley girl (formerly Rainy)! Thanks to OFR we have completed our pack and at the same time they provided an amazing foster to adopt experience! We hope to foster again in the future!

Our experience with Operation Freedom Ride was exceptional. The group of people who organize and coordinate this operation are impressive to say the least. The process is simple to use. It allows the people in search of a pet the ability to “shop” and find an animal that would be a good fit. There is no pressure to take certain animals. The website provides information and photos on available as well as upcoming offerings. Questions are always answered promptly and thoroughly. The volunteers are also thorough in their background checks on those attempting to adopt which is a great protection for the animals as well. Both sides are protected. There is a policy for “returning” should circumstances require such an event which is also a good thing. The individuals who spoke with us during the adoption process and those who fostered the dog before we took ownership were top notch. They clearly have the best interest of the pets at heart. Operation Freedom Ride saves hundreds of animal lives….EVERYONE SHOULD USE THIS RESCUE!!

We were originally hesitant to adopt. We are picky with temperament and wanted a dog that would be a perfect match for us - hypoallergenic, quiet, friendly, etc. OFR not only matched us with a dog that checked every box, but also provided us with plenty of support after adopting. We ended up with a wonderful, intelligent Shih Tzu that has completed the family. I would highly recommend this rescue - everything they do is in the best interest of both the dogs and the potential adopters. Thank you, OFR!

The only words I can use to describe my adoption experience with OFR are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! From start to finish, everyone was fantastic! The love, joy, and patience “Prince Charming” has brought into our home is the best reward we could have ever had!

Everything was explained and so easy! The pickup was very organized and friendly! Any questions I had along the way were fully answered! Overall, it was a fantastic experience!

OFR made our adoption process seamless! The application was easily completed online with emphasis on pet qualities that would best fit our household and lifestyle. The phone call with the adoption coordinator covered everything in detail and we love that we can reach out to OFR even now for support at any time and everyone on the team is very responsive and happy to assist. Thank you OFR for always going above and beyond!

Riley S is by far the greatest adoption coordinator OFR has. She works unbelievably hard to find each dog their forever home. Specifically, for me, she was going to search left and right for a perfect home for my foster dog, Mash. In the end, we realized we were his best match. Riley was beyond thrilled and couldn't have been more pleased even though she already put effort into finding him an adopter. She made the adoption process perfect. We are to this day having a great experience because Mash isn't neutered yet. Heather D keeps us updated every step of the way and has open communication 24/7 on our next steps. OFR couldn't be a better organization to adopt from.

We enjoyed adopting with OFR. They were very organized and well set-up, and we could tell that every decision was made with the dogs and cats as the priority, rather than the humans. We highly recommend adopting with them and if we ever add a second dog to our family we would be interested in working with them again. The adoption coordinators and fosters were all lovely people who answered many questions and have a genuine care for the animals they save

I've had two great experiences with Operation Freedom Ride. I adopted a Labrador Great Dane and a Labrador Rottweiler. Both have been a great addition to the family. Working with the Adoption Team was a great experience. They communicated well and really took the time to find the right fit. They make sure during the process and after the process things are going well. They really take the time with the animals and fosters and adopters. Great people "Wouldn't go anywhere else" Love them!!!!

Miss Britta is having the time of her life with her 4 legged and 2 legged brothers. She adores our toddler, especially when he throws her ball or leaves snacks everywhere. Our older dog, Tanner, and her have been almost inseparable since we brought her home. She's definitely put the pep back is his step with all the playing. For Christmas she got her own stocking and she loves the snow. Her favorite spot to nap is practically in your lap on the couch or on our son's stuffed animals.

We adopted two OFR pups: Rocky in May of 2018, and Apollo (formerly Snickerdoodle of Bit Bit’s litter) in April of 2019. Rocky and his sister Ella were our first fosters, and we just couldn’t let Rocky go! The foster process was so easy and we had support for whatever we needed- food, crates, toys, etc. Adoption was also a breeze, with a quick application and a coordinator to answer all of our questions. We truly appreciated that there are reference checks and home checks, as it gives us comfort knowing that OFR truly cares about each animals forever home. Rocky and Apollo both came from high-kill shelters in Georgia and are now living the most spoiled lives, all thanks to the whole OFR team! We are forever grateful to OFR for saving our boys.

I can’t imagine us ever using another agency for adoption. When filling out applications for specific dogs at other agencies, we never heard back, so we had no idea if we should look for another dog, how long do we wait to hear back, was there something on our application that disqualified us? I know these agencies are busy, but it was a tough process. We were not aware of Operation Freedom Ride’s process. Our family watched dogs coming off a transport from Georgia. I called them to inquire. They explained their process to me and I only wished I could have gone back months and contacted them earlier. It would have saved us from that emotional rollercoaster we were on. We were interviewed and what I loved was, we were asked what kind of dog we were looking for - energy level, independent, what qualities did we not want, etc. Our last dog needed to be with us all the time, and we loved that about him. So I said we want a dog that needs to be with it’s people, medium size, preferred short hair. Then they look for a dog with those qualities you described. And wow, did you deliver! We adopted Maggie from Georgia, now known as Barkley. She really needs to be with her people, exactly what we were looking for. We thought our last dog was perfect, Barkley is in the running for that spot! We are in love with her and her goofiness. She is a pit lab mix, with the research we have done, we realize her goofiness is the pit in her and we will never look at a pit the same again, they are remarkable. Thank you for reaching out so I can share how great we think your organization and it’s process is!

We adopted Bentley almost 2 years ago! OFR made the entire process so easy- we had an application on file, as we had been waiting for the perfect pup to come along, so when we said we were interested in meeting Max, and went to an adoption event, we were introduced immediately. I fell in love instantly, and suddenly, Bentley was a part of our family. OFR made the entire process so smooth, and even checked in to make sure we all were adjusting well. I’m so thankful they helped us, our family just wouldn’t be complete without him

My significant other and I had been looking to adopt for a little while, and I saw Maddie on the OFR Facebook page and immediately called him to tell him about her and then put in the application. Katie, the person we worked with to set up meeting our girl and do the home inspection/interview with was absolutely amazing through the process, and when Maddie first came to visit, everything fell into place! We can't imagine our home without her now-- she is the queen of the castle, LOVES belly rubs, and has enjoyed playing in the snow this winter. Thank you OFR!

After being together for two and a half years, my partner and I were looking to add to our family. Unfortunately, our search started during the COVID-19 pandemic which created greater logistical challenges for adopters and adoption agencies. OFR has exceeded our expectations with their friendliness and commitment to the health and safety of the dogs throughout the entire process. The process was thorough, yet efficient, which reassured us of OFR’s commitment to the “fit” of the animals to their new homes. After all was said and done, we walked away with TWO new additions to our home and we have never been happier. I cannot recommend OFR enough.

We adopted Hank in December of 2018. OFR made the entire process so smooth and easy. Hank’s amazing foster mom still keeps in touch and we have even reunited with his mom and siblings since his adoption for a play date! They were so amazing, and I recommend them to anyone I know that is looking to adopt..

Our experience finding our dog, Charlie (formerly Brian) was seamless. From the application process, to the home visit (which took place via facetime due to the pandemic), the process of getting approved was thorough and more accessible than any other rescue I attempted to work with - and I contacted quite a few! Every individual we came into contact with was kind, patient, and obviously wanted to find the best possible home for their rescues. Once we found a dog that fit us, it was easy to let them know and set up a visit, which turned into Charlie moving into his forever home. We are so lucky he found us! He is the sweetest guy, and such a perfect fit. He lives an incredibly happy life with 2 acres to roam whenever he wants, and 2 kids to love on him when he is not out exploring. The only thing he still needed when he came to live with us was his microchip - they contacted me and set up a time to bring him in, and it was so simple and quick. I have only praise and gratitude for all of the volunteers who work at Operation Freedom Ride, for all of the animals they have saved and for bringing Charlie to us. Our kids' lives are forever changed for the better by having him as a part of our family!

The adoption process going through OFR was about as flawless as could be! Great people to deal with and you guys found the perfect dog for me! I absolutely love my puppy and she is very happy and healthy! I would recommend anyone to go through OFR to adopt a pet! Thank you guys very much for helping me find my perfect fur friend!!

Operation Freedom Ride is a one-of-a-kind organization, and I am so thankful for them every day because they brought our dog, Roman, into our lives. The application was easy to complete and OFR did a great job of communicating with me throughout the process, so I knew exactly what pets were available based on my interests in a small-sized dog. Within 2 days, I was sent a photo of Roman to schedule an in-home visit to see if he would get along with my first dog. Roman is the sweetest dog and within minutes we knew he was part of the family. His foster parent stayed with him at our home for a few hours before ultimately making sure he was 100% comfortable and left him with us permanently. Roman's foster parent stayed in touch with us to make sure the transition was smooth which I appreciated since this was my first time adopting a dog. Thank you Operation Freedom Ride for bringing Roman into our family!

We adopted Chase about 2 years ago from OFR. He was the cutest thing ever and of course still is! When working with OFR they made things so simple to understand and the process was seamless. If we had any questions the adoption coordinators were easy to talk to and got right back to us. We adopted chase before his neuter and they were very helpful with coordinating when his surgery was and they were able to help us bring him. I have referred many people to OFR and we are using them now while looking for a friend for our chase! Great rescue!

I adopted my dog Dallis (previously known as Stella) from OFR in 2019. Working with this rescue was truly an amazing experience. All the volunteers were so helpful and answered any questions I had promptly. I always recommend OFR to friends when they are looking to adopt because I had such a pleasant experience. Dallis truly is my best friend, and I can’t thank OFR enough for giving me this opportunity to adopt with them!

OFR was amazing to work with! The application process was so easy and the entire adoption experience was exceptional. Everyone was so professional and kind!

My husband and I adopted a 5-month-old dog from Georgia about 2 years ago. She was fostered with a wonderful family in Fairport, New York. We picked her up after 2 weeks of fostering and she has brought joy to us ever since. She is a Corgi-Beagle-Basset Hound mix, we think. She is so much fun and is a very calm dog. The people associated with OFR were very conscientious. They checked in with us to see if we were happy with our choice. They made us feel totally comfortable that if we weren't happy that we could send our little "Gracie" back and that she would be placed with another family. Sending her back of course was not necessary, but that safety net was comforting to us.

We adopted our dog 2 years ago. He was one of 6 puppies abandoned in a box on the side of the road down south. He is so good and gets along great with his new family. We had a good experience with OFR and would definitely recommend.

Operation Freedom Ride is a dedicated rescue site and it shows in their love and commitment. In November of 2019 we were lucky enough to see our Moses on their website. Moses was abandoned in a house in Georgia, he had no food or water. He was taken to a high kill shelter. OFR transports poor dogs and cats from these high kill shelters down south and places them with loving families here. Here is my Moses, he is a loving, snuggly, big boy. We are lucky to have him and OFR to rescue these pups!

I loved working with OFR in adopting our dog Otter (OFR name was Bella). Our coordinator Amber was so helpful. When I saw Otter getting off the truck I called and Amber brought Otter to us. When Otter came we just fell in love with her. Otter ran around our yard and played with our other dog and she knew she was home. Harper (also a rescue) tended to her while she settled in. It was a great experience and we still constantly watch the van’s bringing in the pups.

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