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Next Best Friend
Save All The Dogs... And the Cats too

Hey! We're Looking For Our Forever Home

These are our available pets! Who's going to be your most adorable new friend?


Every Foster saves two lives... the life of your foster and the life it opens a spot for.

We can provide you with ALL of the supplies. Stuff like food, leashes, collars, and toys from our donations.

Want to become a Foster?
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Save a life, they'll love you forever.
You have the power to change this animals whole world with your decision to adopt.

We take care of their spay/neuter, vaccines/rabies, microchip, flea & tick prevention.

Found the pet you want to adopt?
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Do you want to dig in and help?!
We'll work with you to find a volunteer opportunity that you enjoy.

Do a lot or a little, it's up to you! You can help out here and there or take on a serious role as part of our team.

Let us know how you want to help.
We'll reach out to chat!

It's Our Mission

Every year 2,700,000 (yup, 2.7 million) adoptable dogs and cats are killed by euthanasia in the United States.

It's our mission to help these loving animals find the right person, to love and care for them.

We founded our organization out of a passion to do something about this problem and the joy of seeing new bonds created. Together we can make an incredible difference.